scale up Partner

Roman Stupka

Since his youth Roman's main hobbies have been books and sports (basketball, volleyball, football, tennis). Sport gradually lost its importance, but his passion for books and education remained his whole life.

After studying at the University of Economics in Prague, specialization International Trade, he gained 5 years of experience in the field of trade in intellectual property and technology transfer (in PZO Polytechna) as well as insights into the functioning of a number of manufacturing industries. And here he could apply his knowledge of foreign languages ​​- German, English, Japanese basics in practice. In the spring of 1990, he founded the joint venture IHR s.r.o. After 2 years he sold his share and for the next 7.5 years he joined his career with the American company Bristol-Myers Squibb (NYSE is called BMY). Experience from building a branch of one division through acquisitions and creation of structures allowing rapid growth up to the management of a total of 8 business units (350 people, CZK 1.5 billion turnover) enabled him to subsequently gain positions in TOP management of major companies (Česká pojišťovna, Czech Telekom, Ericsson). Then he used them in crisis management projects in 3 manufacturing companies (Grapo Technologies, ETA, Window Holding).

In these projects he was greatly helped by tools from Scaling Up methodology, which he got acquainted with at Verne Harnishe Workshop in Prague in 2010. Ease of use and excellent results inspired him to change his career strategy - In 2014, it is dedicated to “developing good companies” that have the potential for further growth, exciting products, inspiring owners, and companies and their leaders often need to acquire new knowledge, give new motivation to employees, set up better processes, simply get new energy for existence and growth. Or for the exit of the owners or the transfer of control to someone else - family or professional managers.

Roman continues to expand his education - in formal courses at leading universities (Harvard, Insead, London Business School, Columbia University), through individual and team coaching certification, to constant study of books and programs and regular sharing of experience within the global coaching organization. His long-term active membership in the Young President Organization (YPO), with approximately 25,000 members (since 2006), brings him contacts with top entrepreneurs and leaders and the opportunity to share their invaluable experience.