Häufig gestellte Fragen und deren Antworten


What is gazelles?

It's our international partner network with roots in the United States. It created the "scale up" framework within the "MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program".

Whats the difference between coaches, trainers and consultants?

We define the role of a coach as assistance to self-help. Together with the teams we work on future strategies, new HR-processes and OKR-systems. Unlike a consultants we don't present the one-and-only solution, but instead we present a method to find your own way.

scale up Academy

What are the locations of the academy?

So far we focused on 1:1 coaching relationships and the academy format is going to be launched soon. We will kickoff with the locations Munich and Stuttgart (both Germany), but plan to add more cities in the turn of 2019.

scale up Website

What happens with my data after signing up?

The data needed to provide a best-possible coaching result will be stored (like name, email address, name of the team, etc.). Of course we keep this data safe and under the rulings of the GDPR. More infos on that can be found in the privacy policy, linked at the bottom of this page.

Why should I use the LinkedIn Login Feature?

This single-sign-on feature is meant for usability / comfort. Instead of filling out the form, you can use two clicks to login via LinkedIn and we will receive the required data from them.

What are you doing with the LinkedIn Login (OAuth)?

We receive your name, email, role, profile-picture and workplace. The profile-picture will be used for the scale up community, because it highly improves usability for all your team members. You can remove the profile-picture at any time if you want. FYI: We don't get access on your contacts, private messages or any other non-public information of yours.