A clear attitude

Good Growth?
It has to be both measureable AND noticeable.

Anyone can launch a startup, but only a few turn into real scale up companies. Yet any business can actively plan and shape its growth by adopting the right attitude and applying the right methods.

Even more important: healthy growth, as we understand it, feels damned good – step after step – for everyone in a company. Because it gives you complete control over all really important aspects of relevance.

By the way, we’re absolutely convinced that you already have everything you need to take the next important step. Or to put it another way: you already have all of the crucial answers. All that’s missing is to ask the right questions.

Here’s what you can discover and reshape with scale up:

  • Meaning What does good growth actually mean to us?
  • Potential What’s already authentically within us?
  • Resources How can we optimally tap our potential?
  • Action How do we quickly and effectively start taking action?
  • Growth How do we achieve healthy, sustainable growth?


A New Way of Thinking
Kühn makes headway
Five questions for the founders and partners of scale up Germany on the new challenges for doing business today, and their fascinating views on why these aren’t obstacles to all-round healthy growth.
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Our Personal Performance Promise:

With scale up, you’ll regain the wonderful feeling of being completely in control of shaping your company and determining its future. And with the right team behind you, you’ll lead it quickly and confidently to outstanding, sustainable growth.

Do you still know why you decided to become an entrepreneur?

Do you want to be free to leverage your potential in the ways you believe are right? To show what’s really in you and your ideas? To uncompromisingly think differently and break the rules whenever it makes sense?

Do you want to excite people with what you think and do? Create a team of people that are right for you and your attitude and can be relied on in every situation? To really make a difference? To amaze people? To go all out?

Are you hungry and bold enough to embark on your own unique success story? One in which you stay firmly in control and don’t do anything you really don’t want to do, yet make a noticeable impact on your world?

No matter what drives you. No matter what you believe in and who you are. We’re thoroughly convinced that you, your team and your company already have everything it takes to achieve healthy growth.

Take back your freedom and the marvelous feeling of self-reliantly and fearlessly shaping everything just right so it will turn into something outstanding, straight and true like an arrow.

What’s our role in this? We will guide you. With a superior method. That’s pragmatic and effective. Proven thousands of times over. See for yourself! Try it out. Feel the difference. And accept our invitation to embrace self-reliant, genuine growth in the exhilarating adventure of business.

albamy rolls out
the red carpet worldwide.
This is what
real growth feels like!
Strong Arguments
Nine things you can look forward to as part of the extraordinary scale up community
  • 1 Dynamic growth With scale up, you and your team hook up to a development turbocharger.
  • 2 Perfect control Despite the highly dynamic situation that ensues, you and your team systematically control all important areas.
  • 3 Outstanding teamwork You and your team have the right people and the right strategy, and everyone pulls on one rope.
  • 4 Valuable freedom You and your team once again have time to work ON the company – on your terms.
  • 5 Effective learning We quickly get you into active doing and sharing with others.
  • 6 Efficient implementation You and your team have unique tools in your hands for sensibly coordinating everything
  • 7 Limitless thinking You and your team learn to think more boldly than ever before, and how to turn your thoughts into action
  • 8 Clear differentiation You and your team discover and tap your potential for authentic uniqueness.
  • 9 Outstanding performance You and your team excite the people in your market with what you do and how you do it.


Enthusiastic or your money back.
We’re convinced of what we do. And in case you aren’t, you can count on paying only what it’s worth to you.
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