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Konstantin Schimert

Dr. Konstantin Schimert was born 1968 in Munich. He grew up at the lake of Starnberg together with 8 brothers and sisters.

After extensive world travelling (USA, Canada, India) he studied philosophy, psychology and fine arts in Munich wherein he graduated as PhD. Later he added executive business trainings and went through educations as mediator and coach.

In 2001 he founded together with three researchers from the Max-Planck society the Aurigon Life Science Ltd. a pharma research organisation. Aurigon Group was sold successfully in 2015.

In 2018 together with his brother Andreas Schimert, he founded the Mount Starling Ltd., an international platform for interior design arts.

Since 2003 he works as consultant, executive coach and gives seminars on personality development. Konstantin has served to mid- and large-scale companies in various industries.

Konstantin Schimert is a crisis proven entrepreneur and manager as well as an experienced consultant and coach. And he is absolute passionate about one thing: He believes in life long personal growth and follows this philosophy every day.

Konstantin is married and lives with three children close to Lake Starnberg.