Verne Harnish

Top speaker, growth guru, bestselling author, cofounder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), founder of acknowledged worldwide initiatives for developing small and midsized companies … that’s Verne. For many years, we have been connected to him by more than just a special friendship. We were also the first to bring his teachings to Germany and make them accessible to the German-speaking market. Incidentally, Nikolai was the first certified coach for this methodology, and today is the only official German Gazelles coach.

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Alexander Osterwalder
Alexander, a co-founder of, is an entrepreneur in his own right and enjoys an excellent reputation as a business model innovator. His startup “Business Model Foundry” devotes itself to developing new tools for innovators and startups. Also an author and speaker, he travels widely and has already reached over five million people with his Business Model Canvas, which has attained the status of a standard in the scene. A valuable friend and fellow traveler, Alexander was the keynote speaker at our 2016 summit in Berlin. Nikolai has also completed strategyzer’s MasterClass.


Entrepreneurs’ Organization
EO is a global business network comprising 13,000 leading companies in 57 countries. It gives business owners opportunities to learn from one another, provides training, accomplishes transformations, and provides inspiration and invaluable resources in the form of global events, leadership development programs, an online entrepreneurs’ forum and further training for managers. Ralph Chromik is a former president of EO Munich and an official Chapter Strategy Trainer, and Nikolai is an EO Accelerator Trainer.


Trainer Akademie

The TAM Akademie has spent 43 years teaching people the skills they need to become business trainers. Over a thousand have successfully completed the program, making it one of Germany’s largest and most highly reputed academies. Now in the second generation, the TAM Akademie achieves a perfect symbiosis of mature content and young dynamism.

Its managing partners, Lorenz Illing and Frederic M. Fuchs, are in our opinion two of the best minds in their industry and valuable sparring partners on many topics. The TAM Akademie is also home to our scale up Academy in Berlin.

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Office for Systemic Brand Development

Martin Burger

We have gotten to know and appreciate Martin as an exceptional congruence expert and both strategic and creative brand developer, to whom we have also entrusted the evolving challenge of marketing our own brand, due to his special expertise. His core competence is a systemic understanding of brands on the levels of identity, relationships and communication … backed by a special methodology for attitude-based brand evolution that also embraces totally congruent creation and communication. His work for shared clients has also served as a valuable basis for or addition to our own methodology.

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