Uganda Giving Back
scale up is actively involved in a project in Uganda that teaches our methodology to 30 university graduates a year in that country, providing them with appropriate tools to become independent entrepreneurs. Our goal is to make a small contribution to developing local infrastructure for small and midsized companies that young people can take advantage of to improve their business prospects there instead of being forced to exile themselves economic reasons. More information at


Leonhard Entrepreneurship for Inmates

Those who are familiar with the Leonhard program know that this initiative gives convicts a much better chance of reintegrating themselves in society and work. When those who have participated in it are released, they not only have highly promising prospects but also hold a sound business plan in their hands.

Leonhard is a nonprofit organization that prepares convicts to return to a work situation. And we are gladly supporting this admirable endeavor as a reliable sponsor.

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South Africa

EO Accelerator Program in Johannesburg

In his capacity as an EO Accelerator Trainer, Niklai regularly coaches groups of 40 to 60 young entrepreneurs in EMEA to help them rapidly and healthily transition their companies from the startup phase into the scale up phase. Recently he has led groups in Germany and South Africa.