Senior scale up Coach

Loes Fokker

Loes is a senior executive coach who develops leaders’ awareness and empowers groups to become high-performing teams. A global visionary, thought leader and expert performance clinician, she brings over 20 years of experience to her work. Loes is a highly sought-after executive coach, consultant and trainer to C-suite executives and their teams, working with them internationally to design corporate cultures that are characterized by psychological security and a high level of trust and engagement.

Loes is convinced that life is as beautiful as you believe it is. It is in the creative nature of human beings to strive unceasingly for the best possible versions of themselves. This transformative ability is key for personal fulfilment and success. True leaders are successful in all areas of life, and especially in their relationship with themselves. After studying clinical and health psychology at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, Loes specialized in family and relationship therapy and received extensive training from Tony Robbins and Cloé Madanes in personal development and relationships.

As a woman, Loes finds satisfaction in connecting her heart and business, and began founding her own companies early on. And being a mother of two as well as a business owner and entrepreneur, she knows how challenging the journey toward personal fulfilment and success can be – and how rewarding. Loes is passionate about advising organizations and their management on how to drive change toward fulfilment. A certified ScaleUp and Rockefeller consultant and expert on transformation and change, she has devoted herself to facilitating personal and business growth. Loes’s goal is to provide leadership teams with a framework for creating the right conditions for optimizing their development.