Easy learning. Many benefits.

Systematic Training
By experienced scale up coaches

At fixed intervals, you and your colleagues on the team learn about all four core areas of the methodology and actively work on the key aspects of your company under the supervision of an experienced coach.

In addition to a one-day kickoff session, there are five special learning days, on each of which one of the core areas is intensively explained and practiced. Plus quarterly sessions with priorities and accountability and additional learning units, capped by a final event. Altogether there are 10 intensive pit stops for healthy growth over the course of a year.

This format helps you develop discipline and regularly set aside time windows for concretely and intensively developing your company. Our team also teaches you to address specific topics and discuss them all the way through to the end.

You learn the methodology and how to apply it from and with our experienced, specially trained coaches, all of whom also have an entrepreneurial background.

Easy learning. Many benefits.

Networked Learning
With intensive sharing by users
Learning from and with like-minded individuals is one of the unique benefits of the scale up Academy. It is a structured and straightforward way to encourage participants to share their solutions with one another and ideally get valuable feedback based on each other’s experience.

Easy learning. Many benefits.

Confident Application
With intelligent online and offline tools

The best training is only as good as the tools that are used to apply it afterward (and in between the learning phases). We have the right instruments for your training and for you to use on your company. And we prepare you to use these intelligent tools to structure complex issues and pragmatically shape them.

In doing so, we pay close attention to the individual needs and situation of each program participant. And make sure that you can effectively integrate your goals in your everyday work at your company. This way, for example, you always have enough latitude for systematically devoting yourself to your particular business strategy during the phases between sessions.

The central toolbox of the scale up Academy, by the way, is based on the “Rockefeller Habits” and the “Scaling UP” method, which we have also optimally adapted for the European market.

We also specially augment the tools for this program by integrating other elements of modern management models such as SCRUM, OKRs and BusinessModelCanvas.