Why Some Companies Succeed – While Others Crash and Burn
This book was written so that everyone – from rank-and-file employees all the way to top managers – can contribute to their company’s success. More than 40,000 enterprises worldwide are already using its methodology and tools to successfully scale up.
Systematic and All-Inclusive
Step by step, this book logistically and systematically covers all of the relevant prerequisites for healthy growth.
Comprehensive Understanding
You gain completely new, crystal-clear insights into the real meaning of growth and what influences it.
Lots of Unique Tools
This book is a treasure chest of preparatory exercises and tools for practical implementation.
A Roadmap for Tapping Your Potential
You learn how to quickly and effectively implement what is already authentically inside you and just waiting to be let out.
Directly Applicable
No matter where you are now. And no matter where you want to go. This book lays out the basics so you can start marching.
Audacity and Freedom
You learn to think farther and bigger in order to create an outstanding team and gain new time on your terms for working ON your company.
This book contains so much more!
The German publishers and translators of this book have also adapted and enhanced its content for the German market.
Take a look inside with Nikolai Ladanyi and Ralph Chromik

Superior Method

Full Speed Ahead with Control
Why our method is better through every growth phase
In our view, good – i.e. genuine – growth is always based on a healthy and therefore lastingly effective all-round balance of all four relevant core action areas and their important interactions. We call our approach to systematically managing them 4D Boost Control. Like in a vehicle with all-wheel drive, this method and the accompanying tools make sure that you as an entrepreneur can focus completely on maximizing performance by making sure that all four areas always mesh in an appropriately balanced man
  • 4D: People


    Are the right people on board? Are they motivated and well-integrated?
  • 4D: Strategy


    Which strategy do we follow and why? Do we dare to think bigger and further?
  • 4D: Execution


    How do we advance quickly, efficiently and effectively to concrete action?
  • 4D: Cash


    What do we have to do to consistently stay autonomous and liquid while growing?
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